Considering A Ball Python? Things To Know

If you've been thinking about adding a pet to your home, you may have decided that you want to stray away from the traditional dogs and cats. In fact, some people prefer to have more unique pets, such as reptiles. You may find yourself considering a ball python for your next pet. If so, it's important that you take the time to be sure that this type of snake is the right choice for you. There are a few things that you should know before you start looking for ball pythons for sale. Here are a couple of the things you should consider.

Do You Want A Snake You Can Handle Easily?

One of the biggest reasons why many people like ball pythons is that they are very mellow and easy to handle. Unlike some snake breeds that become stressed when handled frequently, ball pythons tolerate handling quite well. They are fairly mild-tempered snakes, so they enjoy the interaction. If you are looking for a snake that you can take out and interact with regularly, a ball python could be an ideal option for you.

Are You Looking For A Snake You Can Show Off?

Some people enjoy having animals that are more exotic in nature because they like to show them off. Snakes are no exception. However, if you are looking for a snake that you can put on display and show off when people come into your home to visit, you may be disappointed with a ball python. 

In order to "show off" your ball python, you'd have to take it out of the cage in many cases. That's because these snakes are more nocturnal than not, so they are often found hiding and sleeping during the day. Additionally, their mild temperament and docile nature also lead to them being a snake that spends most of its time curled up and relaxing versus being active and serving as a focal point.

Are You Worried About Being Hurt?

If you really want to own a snake but are afraid of being bitten, a ball python is a good choice. Ball pythons aren't the type of snake that bites frequently nor easily, so you aren't near as likely to be bitten by your python as you might be with other types of snakes.

In fact, a ball python is more likely to hide its head if you're handling it and it would rather be left alone. This action is a stress response, and it's a primary response used by ball pythons instead of biting to show that they wish to be left alone.

Are You Prepared For Your Snake's Life Expectancy?

One of the things that many people don't think about when they decide to buy a snake is the fact that these snakes often live for decades. Ball pythons can live for several decades in captivity when properly cared for, so you'll want to think about that before you buy one. If you're buying a young snake, be prepared for the long-term commitment that this requires and have someone else in your snake's life that they can bond with to establish a succession of care and ownership.

Are You Interested In Unique Snakes?

Some people dismiss the idea of a ball python because they want a snake that's more unique. While ball pythons are a quite common choice for snake owners, that doesn't mean that you have to own the same kind that everyone else does. In fact, there are many different morphs of ball pythons, allowing you to choose a snake with its own unique characteristics and visual features. You'll have to talk with a few breeders in your area to find the morph that you're looking for, but there are many different options out there to suit almost any preference.

These are some of the things you need to consider when you start looking at ball pythons for sale. Talk with a breeder or supplier in your area today to choose the right snake for you.