Negative Consequences Of Foregoing Dog Training

They say no other creature stays loyal to its masters like a dog does. To keep your dog in line, however, it must be trained correctly. Your dog can be trained to do specific tasks, like fetch the paper or attack intruders, but dogs can also be trained in ways that alter their behavior so that they learn to behave appropriately. Given this, there are negative consequences that come with skipping dog obedience classes.


If you don't train your dog, it will never learn to listen to your commands, making it virtually wild. You have will have very little control over your dog, making taking it out into the world a lot more difficult. Training your dog to be obedient will make simple tasks, like taking your dog for a walk, a lot easier, as it allows you to control your dog's behavior instead of the dog controlling your behavior. 

Problems with Bowel Movements

When you fail to teach your dog to 'go' outside, it will feel comfortable 'going' in any spot where it feels comfortable inside the home. This is most probably going to be your new rug or on the doorstep. How mortifying will this be when your guests are greeted by a stench on your patio?

This problem is classified as behavioral because failure to go to the bathroom in appropriate places may be caused by anxiety. A change in the home environment when your dog isn't trained properly, for example when you go away, may affect the dog and make it behave inappropriately. If left unchecked, it may not only scar your dog, but become a nightmare for you. 

When you don't put your dog on a regular feeding schedule, which is a simple form of training, it becomes difficult to predict when they need to go to the bathroom. As such, they may make a mess at any time. On the contrary, if you have specific times of feeding them, it becomes easy to know when they are ready to 'eliminate' and teach them where to do it.


Part of training a dog is giving your regular walks, about two times a day, not only to exercise its muscles but also to get it accustomed to the outdoors. Exercise also receives anxiety, just like it does in humans, and allows your dog to sleep easier and not be a hyper-active mess while hanging out  in your home.

Socialization Problems

When you don't socialize a pet dog, it may become hostile to your guests and other pets in your house. The moment it detects a strange scent around, it starts growling and if unrestrained, may attack and wound someone. Part of training your dog is getting them used to strange people, environment and animals in a safe setting, so that when these things are introduced in your home environment your dog will react appropriately.

On a different end, without proper socialization your dog may become cowardly and shy. It may start barking nervously when it spots other dogs or people. Incessant barking from a dog is one of the most unsettling sounds there is, and proper socialization can help your dog react without fear to new objects in their environment.

Dog training is a great way to ensure that you and your dog have a happy, stress-free healthy life together. The training process can be quite rigorous, but the benefits in enrolling your dog in dog training, whether young or old, are worth the time you will have to spend on training. Get your puppy or mature dog to a behavioral class, or learn basic ways to tame your dog's behavior right at home, in order to have a fulfilling life with your pet. Happy training!