Three Tips For Boarding Your Cat For The First Time

Boarding your cat can be a stressful experience for both you and the animal. This stress can be further intensified if you are unsure of what to expect from this process. For those that have never had the experience of boarding their cat, it can be easy to make some simple oversights during this process. By making it a point to utilize these basic care tips, you will find that you are better able to avoid some routine mistakes that can create avoidable problems when boarding your cat at a facility like Cat Care Clinic.

Keep Copies Of Your Cat's Vaccine Paperwork

In order to accept your cat, most boarding facilities will need proof that your pet has had the required vaccinations. To satisfy this requirement, you will want to make sure that you always keep a copy of your cat's paperwork from getting shots. Luckily, if you have misplaced this paperwork, most veterinary clinics can provide replacement copies for a small fee. Once this paperwork has been given to the boarding facility, they will call the veterinarian listed on the paper to verify that the shots were administered. This may seem unnecessary, but it is essential for preventing the risk of dangerous diseases spreading through the boarding facility.

Apply Flea Medication Prior To Boarding Your Cat

Fleas can be among the more common problems that you will have to address for your cat. However, it is a reality that many people will fail to apply flea medication before they board their cat. If you fail to do this simple step, you may find that your cat is far more likely to develop a flea problem.

Include A Couple Of Your Cat's Favorite Toys

Sudden changes can be very stressful for cats, and you will want to retain some continuity. To this end, you should take a couple of your cat's favorite toys when you board the animal. These toys can be a source of entertainment, and the familiar scent can help to calm your cat in the new setting. However, you may want to avoid using cat toys that contain catnip because this can act a stimulant, which may enhance your cat's sense of stress.

Boarding your cat for the first time can be a rather stressful experience to go through. However, you may be able to greatly reduce the stress of this process by making it a point to use a few simple tips when boarding your cat. By making sure that you retain copies of your cat's vaccinations, applying a flea treatment before boarding, and including a couple of your cat's favorite toys, you can help to make this process as simple and stress-free as possible.