Features Of A Good Cat Boarding Facility

When you must travel and leave your cat, it is best to find a cat boarding facility where your cat can be comfortable and feel safe and secure. You can find cat boarding facilities with many options and features. Here are a few cat boarding facility amenities that can make sure that your cat is comfortable while you are away from home:

Cat Sleeping Quarters:  A good cat boarding facility will have a sleeping cage for your cat that is away from other cats to provide them with privacy. To make sure that your cat is comfortable, bring their bed or a familiar blanket to remind them of home. A small cat box is usually placed in your cat's sleeping quarters near their bed. If you have a large cat box at home, replace it with a small cat box for a few weeks before you board your cat so that your cat can become familiar with it when it is placed in their sleeping cage. 

Indoor Cat Play Room:  An indoor cat can be comfortable in a facility with an indoor play room with lots of climbing structures and indoor trees to climb. These structures and trees would ideally have small areas where your cat can climb up and relax. An indoor cat play room should also have cat lounges with comfy cushions, scratching posts, and lots of windows so that your cat can look outside. Windows can also create sunspots on the floor where your cat can relax in the sun. 

Outdoor Cat Garden:  Many cat boarding facilities will have an enclosed cat garden where your cat can play and explore growing trees and plants. These cat gardens can be enclosed by chain-link fencing and have a chain-link roof that will allow sunlight to enter but prevent your cat from escaping. Outdoor cat gardens can give your cat the opportunity for some fresh air and allow them to experience new smells. 

Individual Human and Cat Playtime:  A good cat boarding facility can ofter individual human and cat playtimes each day. Staff members can entertain your cat with cat toys or a laser light that your cat can chase. Cat toys that contain a cat treat can be very enticing and encourage your cat to play and get exercise. When you leave your cat at a cat boarding facility, tell the staff if your cat is an active cat or prefers to relax all day so that they can customize your cat's care. 

Cat Food and Water:  When you board your cat, bring along their usual food and treats. A strange environment coupled with unusual food can be upsetting to your cat and discourage them from eating. Also, bring your cat's food and water bowls from home for familiarity. 

Aquarium:  A cat can often be entertained with the movement of swimming fish in an aquarium. Look for a facility that has an aquarium and allows your cat to relax on a pillow near the aquarium for extended viewing sessions. 

Boarding your cat in a good cat boarding facility is essential to your peace of mind when you travel. With a little research and preparation, you can make sure that your cat is comfortable and that you have no worries or concerns when you travel. For more information, visit websites like http://www.aocb.com.