Getting Maintenance Work Done To Your Studio Apartment? Board Your Cat For The Day

Living in an apartment that you rent means you do not have to worry about handling maintenance on your own. The first thing you will want to do when something goes wrong is call the landlord. You can help them determine whether the problem must be resolved right away or if it can be handled later on. If it is not an urgent issue, your landlord may give you a date in which the work will be done. If you know that it is going to take several hours to fix the problem, you should board your cat for most of the day.

Prevent Them from Escaping

One benefit that you will certainly appreciate by taking your cat to a boarding facility is that you will not have to worry about them escaping while the maintenance crew is working on your apartment. In a studio apartment, you may not be able to restrict your cat to a certain room, which would be possible in a one-bedroom unit or larger. If the workers need to enter and exit the unit on several occasions, it may be tough for them to keep an eye on your cat, especially if they have their hands full while walking inside.

Avoid a Possible Injury

Another benefit to cat boarding is that you will prevent your cat from being injured. Your cat's curiosity could get them in trouble when it comes to checking things out that could be dangerous. In the case of maintenance work, they may wander around the area that is being worked on. If a refrigerator, ceiling fan, or toilet is being replaced, it will naturally bring a heavy and hazardous object into the open.

Let the Workers Focus

Although the workers will take care of what they need to do in the apartment regardless of distractions, they will have an easier time focusing when they do not have to watch out for a cat wandering around. It may allow them to take fewer trips to and from the unit as well as do work without being so cautious. This will ultimately get them out of your apartment sooner rather than later, and when that happens, you can head to the boarding facility to pick your cat up and bring them back to your repaired apartment.

While your cat may not be too thrilled about going to a boarding facility, you will appreciate the various benefits that you get by taking them there while your apartment is worked on.