Information On Your Dog’s Veterinarian Visits Throughout Their Lifetime

When you get a new puppy you want to know that the puppy will need routine veterinarian care throughout its lifetime. This will be the best way for you to know that you are doing right by your new best friend and to ensure you have done all that you can to keep them as healthy as possible throughout the years. You can learn about a dog's routine vet visits in this article. However, you also want to keep in mind that your vet may request you to bring your dog in above and beyond what's mentioned here depending on possible special circumstances. Here are some of the times you can expect to bring your dog in to see the vet:

You'll bring them in for their vaccinations

A puppy should have a series of three puppy vaccinations to make sure they are covered against some of the more common dog illnesses, many of those can be fatal. While the vet will tell you how long they want you to wait before bringing them in for their next set of shots, the common rule of thumb is that they are usually given about 4 to 6 weeks apart. You'll also want to wait at least a week after they have been given their last puppy shots before taking the puppy out and about. This lets you know they are fully covered. It's also important to note that some puppies may need a series of 4 shots depending on how young they were when they got their very first one.

You'll need to bring them in for their rabies vaccinations

Once your puppy is at least four months of age or so you will need to bring them in for their rabies vaccination. If the dates agree then you may be able to get them their rabies vaccination at the same time as their last set of regular vaccinations. The rabies vaccination will come with a rabies tag you'll want to keep on your dog's collar to let others know that it has been given this shot. Your vet will let you know how many years their rabies vaccination is good for and you'll want to make sure you get them revaccinated before that vaccination wears off.

You'll bring your puppy in to have them fixed

If you plan on having your puppy fixed so they aren't able to reproduce, then this will be another time you will bring them in. Generally, you can plan on them being at the vets for at least a half a day. Plan on setting aside the rest of your day and night for them, so you can watch over and care for them. They will be sent home with a cone around their neck so they can't lick or bite the incision area. However, you still want to keep an eye on them.

You'll bring them back in for annual vaccinations

As an adult dog, your dog will need to come back in for yearly vaccinations. Most vets will send out annual reminders, but you'll also want to mark the dates down on your own calendar just to be careful that you don't miss the date since it is so important to keep them up to date.