Purchasing New Horses? 3 Types Of Horse Trailers You Can Buy

If you are purchasing new horses, you must have a way to transport them. To do this, you need to buy a horse trailer. You will find there are many types on the market, however, and this can make it difficult to choose. To help you, below are three types of horse trailers so you can get started.

Bumper Trailers

Bumper horse trailers are towed behind a truck and work well if you only have a few horses. There is a coupler located on the front of the trailer that connects to the hitch on the truck or vehicle that is towing it.

This type of trailer has four wheels on the back. The front of the trailer is lifted when it is connected to the hitch. You can transport this type of horse trailer with a standard vehicle, such as a truck, and you will find this type is less expensive when compared to other types.

Gooseneck Trailers

Gooseneck horse trailers works well if you have more than a few horses, such as over four or five. This trailer also works better if you must transport horses on long trips.

This type of trailer has a main body that has an overhang. The overhang slides over the bed of the truck or whatever towing vehicle you are using. The coupler on the trailer connects to the hitch on the towing vehicle. Gooseneck trailers have five wheels and are very stable when compared to bumper trailers. This allows you to drive much safer as it is easier to drive around curves, up hills, and down hills.

The trailer has room for your horses in the back and in the front will be an area for you to put equipment, such as saddles, cases, etc.

Living Quarter Trailers

If you must travel a lot with your horses, such as going to horse shows, you will need a horse trailer that has living quarters. This type of trailer has enough room for your horses to be comfortable, and a place to put the gear you need to carry in the back of the trailer. There are amenities, such as a bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc., in the front of the trailer so you have a place to sleep yourself. Even though this is one complete trailer the living area is separated via a wall from the rest of the trailer, so it is much like a camper.

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