Ear Care for Dogs

There are some dogs that are more at risk of ear problems because of the natural design of their ears. For example, cocker spaniels are at higher risk of ear infections because they have long floppy ears with hair inside of them. Their ears trap a lot of humidity and create an environment where bacteria can grow, and ear infections can be major concerns. This article will offer you care instructions for dealing with different types of ears and how to spot problems.

How to clean your dog's ears yourself

Many people prefer to take their dog to the groomer on a regular basis and have their ears cleaned along with the rest of their grooming regimen. However, even if you normally make use of a groomer for your dog, it is still a good idea for you to learn how to clean their ears yourself.

You want to have a mild dog ear cleaner that is for this specific use. You will find a lot of home remedies people make to use for their dog's ears. However, to make sure you are using a safe solution, it may be best to go with a vet-approved ear cleaning product. Put the solution in your dog's ears and massage their ears to make sure it is in there evenly and that it moves around to really get their ears clean. Let your dog shake their ears when they want. You may want to move back for this or you are going to get some solution flung on your clothing. Take clean cotton balls and wipe out the dog's ear canals to remove all the wax, dirt, and solution you see.

How to cut down ear infection risks

If you have a dog that is naturally at a higher risk of ear infections due to them having a lot of hair in their ears that can trap and hold water, then you can help keep their ears healthier by removing the hair. If you can't do this yourself, a groomer or vet can. You can purchase an ear powder made for hair removal. Put the powder in your dog's ears, use forceps or tweezers to grip the hair, and pull it out. After removing the hair, you can follow through with cleaning the ears.

Spotting problems

When you look at your dog's ears, you want to know when there are issues. If the ears look dirty, they need to be cleaned. However, if the ears have a bad smell to them or they are red, there may be an infection. Also, your dog may be shaking their head a lot, tilting their head to one side, and scratching it. If you think your dog may have an ear infection, then you want to get them to be a vet right away. If you need a pet ear cleaning service, contact a business like Dip-N-Clips Grooming.