Healing From Neutering: Here’s What To Expect

If your dog has recently undergone neutering surgery, there are many things you should know about their recovery process. Your veterinarian will have sent your pet home with postsurgical instructions, but most people have questions. Here are a few things you should know about your dog's recovery. 

The Site

On the day of the surgery, you will notice that your dog is quite swollen at the site of the surgery. He may have some bleeding, and will probably be very interested in the area. Make sure that you keep a cone on him in order to inhibit him from biting or scratching at the area. If he is somehow able to get at the area, make sure that his stitches are still intact, and that he has not caused any serious damage. If you are not sure if he has caused a problem or not, call your veterinarian. 

Their Attitude

For the first day or so you may notice that your pet is a little out of it. He may just want to relax around the house. Be sensitive to his needs. Keep any small children away from him, and allow him a quiet space with lower lighting to rest. Beyond the initial grogginess, you may notice that he whimpers a little bit every so often. This is likely when his pain medicine wears off. Make sure to give him his meds at the appropriate time so that he is not in pain. 

It Takes Time

Usually, your dog will be up and back to his old self in a few days. Unfortunately, it will take some time for him to heal. He may want to get going before his body is ready. You should not walk him or allow him to run around for 12-14 days following his surgery. If your dog is very busy and starting to act like his old self before he has finished healing, call your doctor to see if he can prescribe something to help him rest. Healing takes time, and sometimes we need to help our dogs to rest. 

In conclusion, while it may be challenging to keep them comfortable and calm for a few weeks in order to allow healing, you can do it. Getting your animal fixed was a responsible decision on your part, and responsible people can handle the recovery. If you are having any issues with any part of the healing process, give your vet a call.