Is A Beagle Pup The Right Pup For You?

Bringing home a puppy can be so much fun. However, there are a lot of different breeds to choose from. Before you buy a puppy, you should fully consider the pros and cons of that breed to ensure it's a breed well suited to your lifestyle. If a beagle is one breed you're considering, here are some pros and cons to explore.

Pro: Beagles are very social and friendly.

Beagles love their people. They love new people or guests almost as much as they love their families. They also tend to get along well with other dogs, cats, and other pets. If you're looking for a dog that's just always friendly and social, a beagle is a good choice. You'll rarely, if ever, find one who is aggressive or mean in any way. 

Con: Beagles can be noisy.

Beagles love to bellow, or howl. They can be trained not to do this, but with varying degrees of success. And even dogs who are generally trained not to howl will do it sometimes. Some people are bothered by this unique sound, and it may make a beagle pup a poor choice if you have a lightly sleeping child in the home.

Pro: Beagles don't require much grooming.

Their short coats don't need to be trimmed, and while you can brush your beagle, even that is not usually necessary. They need their nails trimmed periodically, but that's all they need in terms of grooming. This saves you time and money in comparison to other breeds.

Con: Beagles are diggers.

These active little dogs will dig under a fence. They'll also dig in your garden beds. You can, of course, train them not to do this, but you will still need to keep your eyes on them to curtail the behavior.

Pro: Beagles are versatile in terms of living conditions.

They can live in apartments. They can live in country homes. They can live in the suburbs. Beagles need their exercise, but as long as they have somewhere to go and run a few times a week, they can live in whatever kind of home you have.

If you have beagles puppies for sale in your area, definitely consider bringing one home. As long as you can watch the puppy to make sure they're not digging, and as long as you don't mind the howling, this can be a lovely, friendly breed for families.

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