Spaying Your Cat? Understand The Most Common Surgery Costs

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian for a spay operation is one of the most common procedures cats go through. Still, it can be a costly visit if it's your first time owning a cat. Along with behavioral benefits, spaying your cat can reduce various health risks, such as uterine infections and breast tumors

Instead of postponing this necessary procedure due to worries regarding the cost, consider the most common surgery costs for a spay operation, so you know what to expect. 

Pre-Surgery Exam

Before your cat is spayed, the veterinarian will perform a pre-surgery exam to ensure that your cat is healthy and ready for surgery. Since your cat will be under anesthesia during surgery, it's essential that your cat doesn't have any health concerns that can affect how they do during the operation. 

The exam can include a basic wellness checkup that includes checking their heart rate, discussing any concerns, and conducting a basic physical exam. The veterinarian will likely perform blood work to check for any health concerns, such as anemia or hypothyroidism. An older cat will definitely need blood work before any surgery, making this a consideration when preparing for the expense. 


One of the most expensive aspects of spaying or neutering is the cost of anesthesia. The cost of anesthesia depends on your cat's weight and age. Since your cat will need to be monitored closely under anesthesia, this part of the procedure can be very expensive. 

Pain Management 

Once the operation is over, you'll need to take your cat home and monitor them carefully. A post-operative pain management plan is usually provided by the veterinarian and will likely involve medications to help your cat feel more comfortable. 

If you're concerned about the cost of pain medication for your cat, it's best to speak to your veterinarian before the surgery to see if there are other low-cost options for getting the prescription filled. 

Overnight Stay

Depending on how the operation goes, there's a chance your cat will need to stay at the hospital for monitoring. If any issues came up during the spay, your cat could need to stay overnight, increasing the cost of the visit significantly. Speak to your vet about this possibility to understand the typical cost and any financing assistance available.

Bringing your cat to the vet to get spayed is so important for their health, but it can be difficult to swallow how expensive this operation can be. Understanding all the various expenses involved in getting your cat spayed can help you feel much more comfortable and ready for this medical care.  

For more information, visit a local vet hospital.