Three Tips For Boarding Your Cat For The First Time

Boarding your cat can be a stressful experience for both you and the animal. This stress can be further intensified if you are unsure of what to expect from this process. For those that have never had the experience of boarding their cat, it can be easy to make some simple oversights during this process. By making it a point to utilize these basic care tips, you will find that you are better able to avoid some routine mistakes that can create avoidable problems when boarding your cat at a facility like Cat Care Clinic. Read More 

Tips for Boarding Your Fearful, Reactive Dog When You Go on Vacation

If you have a fearful or reactive dog, simple tasks like going for a walk or spending a day at the park can be extremely stressful for both you and the dog. Reactive dogs who are fearful or aggressive toward other dogs present a special challenge: how can you go away on a trip and board your pooch without him or her being overly stressed or being asked to leave the facility? Read More